Iceland’s snow is special


"Thank you for your guidance. I also thank you for the speed and professionalism with which you treated the flight delay, saving us from the fatigue of waiting at the airport. You made a small lap on the ice a beautiful trip, to remember. A Merry Christmas and a year full of joy".

Dolores Canário


"We all loved the trip... As far as I was concerned, I was delighted, I had never had contact with snow. But the snow in Iceland is special, it's really a land of snow and fire. I liked the way you guided us, how you informed us about the Icelandic reality, from the geological and historical details, through legends and traditions to the real life of today, which is only possible with your 12 years experience of Iceland. You are a very good guide. A big kiss."

Berta Rêgo


From December 5 to December 10, Group After the Christmas Elves and the Aurora Borealis, Pinto Lopes Viagens