An unforgettable trip!


"First, I want to thank you for your excellent visit to Iceland through your dedication, professionalism, culture and knowledge. I am waiting for the information about Iceland that you prepared to send us after our return to Brazil".

Luis Teixeira Alves


"It was very nice to get to know Iceland around you all. And Iceland really surprised us at all times. Excellent socialisation in Iceland led by Ivo. Really, an unforgettable trip!"

Pedro Spina


September 2016, Discovering Iceland Group FD7 in optional activity in the Glacier

Independent People


"I begin by thanking you for the videos you sent us and also for the information about the book you suggested to us during our tour. I hadn't answered you yet, because I was waiting to go to Lisbon in time and buy the book "Independent People". I was able to buy it today at FNAC in Vasco da Gama. My wife and I will read it. I talked to a friend who wants to go to Iceland next year, but in a more adventurous perspective. I'll give him the agency contact. I can only thank you for your tireless support, which allowed us to get to know the best places to visit".

José Prates and Graça Mendes


August 2016, Discovering Iceland Group FD6

It's everything you could wish for on a magical trip


"Back from the vacation in Iceland, an unforgettable destination and a trip that went very well... The circuit is very interesting and intense, without being too tiring ... in addition to everything, we were very lucky with the weather, which allowed us to enjoy everything in the best way. The guide, Marina, was nice, with good knowledge and excellence in the Icelandic language. And that's all you can wish for on a magical journey!  

A. Rangel


July 2016, Pinto Lopes Viagens Group

One of the most beautiful countries I've seen

"First of all, I want to thank you for the magnificent days you've given me, which I'll never forget. I don't know if it was the trip of my life but I know it was one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen. Ivo certainly contributed to it, with his professionalism, competence, availability and good mood".
Jocelina Basílio

June 2016, OASIS Travel Group

Fantastic trip to Iceland and West Fjords

"Fantastic the trip to Iceland and Western Fjords, excellent work of the professionals who accompanied us".

Natalina Ganhão and Vítor Santos


"Thank you for the unforgettable days in Iceland. I also thank you for the pleasure with which you made us discover this country from another planet, and for your patience in accompanying us. See you one day".

Ana Teles


May 2016, Magical Iceland Group with Western Fjords, Pinto Lopes Viagens

Journalists from the magazine BACK TO THE WORLD accompanied by the guide Ivo Martins in the POS group

Saiu a edição de Abril da revista de viagens VOLTA AO MUNDO!

April issue of the travel magazine VOLTA AO MUNDO! (Around the World) In this issue, Iceland is the cover and has a large (photo) report from pages 28 to 45. There are 18 pages dedicated to Iceland, with photos by Leonel de Castro and text by João Ferreira Oliveira. Leonel and João Ferreira took this trip last June, as part of a group of Pinto Lopes Viagens and being Ivo Martins (Ice Tourism │ Trans-Atlantic), the person in charge of organising the trip, and its guide. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both of them, for the sensitivity of the photos and for the sensitivity of the elegant text, sometimes factual, sometimes impressive. "(...) we drank a beer, two beers, several beers, but the night is not enough. It never arrives, in Summer. The light at two o'clock in the morning is confused with the sun at two o'clock in the afternoon and we end up heading to the hotel stunned, not bent by the alcohol, but, once again, by the force of nature. It's not an Icelandic person who wants it, much less overnight (...)" Given the voracity and development of the tourism industry in Iceland, I would even say that this report risks being outdated in small places. In particular, because this last Winter Iceland was full of tourists.


Volta ao Mundo (Around the World) website:


April 2016, Volta ao Mundo (Around the World) Magazine │Ice Tourism Guide: Ivo Martins

Exceeded our expectations regarding the country


"We arrived very well, thank you! The trip was great, it felt great and it was really worth it. It confirmed and even exceeded our expectations of the country. Thank you for your always nice and available welcome".


Winter 2016, Circuit accompanied by winter guide, Alexandra Nogueira

ROOF Magazine talks to Ivo Martins about Iceland


ROOF is a new magazine that appears after a long process of maturation and the desire to rethink editorial values, change signs, images and graphic concepts in order to keep up with an ever-evolving world.

Its first issue (March/April) is born under the motto - The Admirable Portuguese World, proposing a reflection on what it is like to be Portuguese (events, facts, personalities and creations).

On the pages 133 - 135 - Portugal in Iceland, you can read a little of what fascinates Ivo Martins in Iceland. Text written by Cátia Fernandes.



You can see the article on the ROOF website:


March/April 2016, ROOF Magazine

The Marina Guide Is Unexplained Guide Translations of guide NounFrequency guia guide, guidance, guidebook, leader, handbook, leadership omanual manual, guide, handbook, enchiridion, vade-mecum, class-book oroteiro screenplay, itinerary, guide omentor ment


"The trip went very well. We got a good impression from Iceland. Some days were more "loaded" than others, but that would be more or less inevitable depending on the distances and points of interest. Marina is unsurpassable. She knows the "terrain" and the culture very well. We love to travel with her. She suggested occasional adjustments in the programme whenever it was the case in order to optimize the available time and/or to manage more adverse weather conditions. She took us to good places for dinner and was always an excellent company. No doubt I recommend her to future customers".

Nuno Pedro


"An unforgettable trip for a Geology group like ours was."

Matilde Azenha


August 2015, Azenha Group