We liked everything a lot


"As I had the opportunity to transmit throughout the trip, we really liked everything we had the chance to see and feel there on the island. The folders delivered had the necessary information... the detail of the mobile phone proved to be very useful, as a way to keep in touch for all sorts of clarifications that came up along the trip. The cars... behaved very well throughout the journey, although sometimes submitted to some efforts on the difficult gravel roads of Iceland. The places to eat... were very pleasant and recommendable to other tourists or even groups. The overnight stays and accommodation proved to be very pleasant and with carefully chosen locations...".

Carla and Fred, Cristina and Filipe, Eugénia and Carlos, Rita and Luís


Circuit in self & drive system June 2010

Work together


"Thank you for your services. I must say that we were very pleased with the way you worked and that we will certainly have more opportunities in the future to work together".


TUI Viagens 2010

All the forces of nature come together


"We're home now, the trip went very well... once again a big THANK YOU for everything."

Joana, Maria Isabel e Luis Ferreira

"This is an amazing country where all the forces of nature come together to offer us enchanting landscapes leaving our eyes flooded with so much beauty! The guide had an excellent performance, was kind, very correct and friendly, providing all the information requested. Also, the driver was nice and professional. Iceland makes me miss it so much!"

Julieta Henriques


Grupo Semavitur 2009