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In Iceland there are two very distinct seasons: Winter and summer.

In winter (from early November to late March) you can expect some snowstorms and temperatures ranging from 6° C to -15° C. The Thermal Amplitudes are not as pronounced as, at the same latitude, they occur elsewhere on the globe. However and due to climatic instability, the constant change of winds, which are sometimes strong, potentiates the sensation of cold in the skin, making Iceland quite harsh. This climatic instability continues in summer, where temperatures generally range from 6ºC to 18ºC. In a single day, you may experience different climatic phenomena.

Usually people bring a lot of clothes, which is not always efficient. The essential thing is to protect the extremities. Good socks (and shoes), gloves and cap. You should bring a windbreaker jacket and a thermal vest. These garments are essential. Many pieces of clothing are not always the most suitable. Thermal and polar clothes are efficient.

As climate instability and wind is a characteristic of Iceland, with gusts of different spots, the umbrella is not advisable. Bring a long raincoat or a "poncho".

Suitable footwear is mandatory as most fractures and twists are due to inadequate footwear. The sole must be rough and never smooth. High heels are not suitable for a trip in Iceland. Use Footwear/Mountain Boots for hiking/trecking.

Don't forget your towel and bikini/bathing suit/shorts as geothermal pools/baths are one of Iceland's great attractions (e.g. Blue Lagoon). Be accompanied by flip-flops.

- The Relative Humidity of the Air is generally lower than in other countries. Therefore, do not forget a good moisturizing cream for the skin of the face and a moisturizing lipstick.

- Iceland is a nature destination, bring a stick to help and support yourself during trekkings.

- Bring some small binoculars. They may be useful, especially for bird watching.

- Don't forget: Iceland is a destination for lovers of photography, so it is always advisable to travel with photographic and filming equipment.

- During the summer and due to the many hours of sunlight and almost no dark night, bring a blindfold to put on your eyes. Not all hotels have efficient blackouts.

The currency used is the Icelandic 'krona', which exists only in the country. It is not an easy currency to find out of Iceland, so it will not be easy to exchange money abroad. It is a currency that can have daily nuances in the value of the exchange. On this website you can find a converter at the bottom of the page. See in the Converter the current exchange rate.

In almost all places in Iceland you can use the US Dollar or the Euro. You can exchange dollars, euros or any other currency at any Icelandic bank branch (namely at Keflavík International Airport).

Bank cards (debit and credit) can be used in all shops, accommodation and other services. They can also be used at ATMs which exist around the country.

In general and if not go to the highlands, mobilephones receive and can make international calls. If necessary, contact your operator before travel.

The official language of the country is Icelandic, only spoken by approximately 360,000 people in the world. If you don't belong to that restricted number of Icelandic speakers don't worry, as practically all Icelanders speak English and a more restricted number, Spanish.

The weather conditions and the condition of the roads should be consulted daily before starting the day of travel. For a safe journey you should consult the following websites:

Website for weather conditions: www.vedur.is

Website for road conditions: www.road.is

Website for advice on safe travel in Iceland: http://safetravel.is

Emergency number: 112

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