Ice Tourism | Adventure in Iceland

Crossed by the Arctic Circle at its northern tip, ravaged for centuries by an unstable climate, Iceland is a place of extremes and contrasts that favour adventure in communion with nature. The Gulf Stream provides a surprisingly mild climate for one of the most northerly inhabited places on the planet.

From scenic flights, volcanic hiking, ice climbing, rafting, skiing, snowmobiling, super jeep adventure on the glaciers and Icelandic highlands, kayaking, diving, cave exploration created by volcanic lava, hot springs bathed in the earth's interior, volcanic crater baths in the island's interior, there's a world of nature ready to be explored with the Ice Tourism seal of confidence! 

We have been planning and organizing 4x4 trips, using Toyota Landcruser  for many years. The trips can be  non-standard, full of adventures, new sensations and amazing experiences. We like to get to know and explore with respect to both people and places we go to. The land of  Viking and Elfs welcomes you all year around 


Landmannalaugar Super Jeep Day Tour
From Reykjavík |   

The Landmannalaugar super jeep day tour is a unique experience. Visit to zeolites and colourful mountains in the highlands, geologically fascinating region.

Sanefellsnes Super Jeep Day Tour
From Reykjavík |

The Snæfellsnes super jeep day tour explores the area of the Snaefellsnes glacier and volcano, where Jules Verne brought the personages down to the centre of the earth.

Thósmork Super Jeep Day Tour
From Reykjavík |

The Thósmörk super jeep day tour is a classic. It goes to the beautiful valley in the backside of the volcano and glacier - Eyjafjallajokull (stopped air traffic in 2010).

Highlands Vulcão Askja Super Jeep Day Tour
From Akureyri | 

Come with us on a "once in a lifetime" adventure in the incredible desert terrain of Iceland's highlands. Let's go to Askja and its lunar landscape.

Laugafell Super Jeep Day Tour
From Akureyri |

We will take you on an exciting journey, following the former Sprengisandur route until we reach Laugarfell, where you will be able to take a geothermal bath.

In the Route of Geothermal Springs
15 days 14 nights  

You will get to know the true diversity of the island. A journey in 4WD with emphasis on the uninhabited interior, in order to live the deep Iceland.

Tailor made super jeep tours
From Reykjavik or Akureyri

We will take you on an exciting journey, following until we reach Tailor.