Ice Tourism | Greenland

Greenland is one of the last wild regions in the world and a land of incredible extremes. The icy continent, known for its immense glacial masses and icebergs, has an abundant fauna and flora and a unique culture, in a mix of natives 'Inuits' with the Viking heritage.

A country with colourful villages and a welcoming people where outdoor adventures - dog sledding, kayaking in the fjords, helicopter sightseeings and glacier walk, as well as socio-cultural demonstrations, will leave you feeling like a pioneer on the largest, most remote, incredible and untouched island on the planet. Come and see the world's smallest capital - Nuuk. It's time to break with your travel routine starting this adventure in the Arctic in the middle of the wilderness nature's refuge.


Kulusuk (w/flight from Reykjavík)

2 days1 night

Just two hours from Reykjavik by plane, this 2 day tour will take us to the eskimós - Inuit region and to the small village of Kulusk on the unique east coast of Greenland.

Kulusuk e Ammassalik (w/ flight from Reykjavík)

3 days 2 nights

Ammassalik is the largest settlement in eastern Greenland, with about 1,400 inhabitants. The scenery: A fjord surrounded by hills, a river and Icebergs floating in the ocean.

Nuuk (w/ flightfrom Reykjavík)

3 days 2 nights

The capital of Greenland - Nuuk has restaurants, boutiques and the Katuaq Cultural Center (inspired by the Northern lights). But, history and traditions remain strong.


Nuuk (w/ flightfrom Reykjavík)

4 days 3 nights

The capital of Greenland - Nuuk, is surrounded by immense nature, where the locals live among old traditions, modern twists and turns, and diverse influences.

Nuuk and Ilulissat (with flight from Reykjavík) 

8 days 7 nights

Nuuk, is surrounded by immense nature, where the locals live between ancient traditions, modern twists and various influences. Ilulissat is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Yacht Sailing: Iceland and Greenland

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Come and sail in the high latitudes between 63ᵒ and 73ᵒ north, where the sun does not set in summer and the aurora borealis lights the skies in winter. This is a yacht charter service that manages different nautical activities and packages in Iceland and Greenland. When organizing adventures in this part of the world, it is essential to have the experience of operating in the harsh conditions of the Arctic; we know the environment and offer local knowledge. The Ice Tourism sailboat is built for 12 passengers + 3 crew members. For night trips, we offer 11 bunk beds in five separate cabins, all equipped with showers, for 8 passengers + 3 crew members. The yacht is an Oyster 68, designed by Holman and Pye and built in 1989 by Oyster Marine in England. An excellent cruising yacht, recognized throughout the sailing world for quality, comfort and performance. Its strength, navigability and a multitude of practical features suitable for sailing at these latitudes, provides a safe environment for adventurous cruises. Our crew is looking forward to welcoming you on board and we believe the expedition will be unforgettable. Our captain, has a dedicated and professional approach, privileging safety, as well as the chief mate and the guide, with passion for sailing and love for nature. Finally, the cook, whose love for the cuisine guarantees everything that the local environment has to offer you.


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